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Leadership Program


We can provide references of other LPGA, PGA and Amateur golfers that we have helped get to the next level


Our Caddies are also experienced golfers and can provide assistance for instruction.

Professional Guidance

Whether you are just entering golf as an amateur or a professional, or need a caddie for a single USGA tournament, State Am Tournament, or Qualifier, we provide the professional caddie services you need.

Travel Services

The toughest aspect of golf is you are out there alone, and sometimes need the emotional support of a caddie just to confirm a distance, wind direction or just emotional support to confirm a shot process or routine.

We can also provide Travel Services as we travel to and from PGA, LPGA and National Amateur tournaments, and try to provide discounts reducing your out of pocket costs.

Emotional Support

Caddie Neids provides a variety of professional caddie services to assist a golfer to the next level.  Our caddie services can provide any amateur or professional golfer that extra edge, that  is looking for the support, as they strive to become the top players in the field and get them to the next level, for professional golf and national amateurs.  

Professional Caddies, for Future Hall of Fame PGA, LPGA and those Amateurs looking for an edge